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Starting and Ending of the School Day

over 2 years ago

Students should not be in school prior to 7:30 AM. (School starts at 8:10AM)

Please, help us keep your child safe by dropping them off in the morning no earlier than 7:30 am. Have them walk to the campus and remind them to choose:

  • The library
  • Computer Lab
  • Breakfast 1st-2nd 7:45-8:10/ 3rd-5th 8:10

When school is dismissed ask your child to go straight home unless they have arranged with you to stay for the following:

  • GATE on Tuesdays
  • ASES (only for enrolled students)
  • Library
  • Computer Lab

Safety Procedures
Always sign in the office when you are visiting or volunteering.
Remember that we are a "Closed Campus" school.
Talk to your child about the school rules.
Parents we want to thank you for following the school procedures allowing us to keep our students safe.